Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tony Hawk Shred on Xbox 360

The original handling is rather attractive in the first games but the gameplay lacks depth on the final length. Not only is the list of tricks is very small, but the content itself is also a bit too light. Do not look for Campaign mode, it is simply a succession of levels with no real consistency. Five modes are fairly standard proposed by level: either to make the most tricks, or get points on your route, or else face many challenges ... The fact that you excel in these disciplines will allow you to win stars that will open the door to the next levels. In short, the whole remains very classic and unfortunately lacks madness


  1. I didn't know they were still making these games. I lost interest so long ago. Might have to check them out now.

  2. sweet review, loved ps1 tony hawk games

  3. Yead Tony Hawk on PS1 changed my life! :D