Monday, May 2, 2011

Apache vs IIS

IIS performance advantage
Speaking of performance, in fact I compare stability, speed and lightness. And I must say thatthe speed and lightness, IIS wins hands down. On stability, is lukewarm. They are both software very stable servers, good stability and excellent stability Apache on IIS on a draw under this criterion. On speed of execution (in interpreting the PHP code of course, otherwise there would have the advantage ASP. NET is compiled), there is a clear advantage in IIS. For Apache, the tests were performed on Linux (because Apache runs more stably and more fast this OS). I even tried to optimize the best with compilers (Disaster itinerant what) and even the accelerator Uniform (known to Uniform Server). Nothing doing, IIS always has the advantage of speed, on web pages small, heavy pictures, etc. ... To know exactly where does this difference would require Microsoft We provide the source code of IIS, but the processing of each request is performed more quickly on an IIS server as an Apache server. 
Then comes the light. In general, conducting heavy requests, IIS uses 40% less Apache. This is reflected in practice by the that IIS, even on a small server, can hold very large peaks attendance, either in number or size of queries. 

Advantage IIS Security
 It is customary to say that IIS is less secure than Apache. Just as it is used to say that any Microsoft product is less secure than any other, etc ... The truth is quite different, since it also IIS which has the advantage in terms of security. More effective protection against the shellcode,attempts to privilege escalation and DoS attacks service. Similarly, management of DNS domain names is much more secure and more thrust on Microsoft software.

Draw on the portability
 Why draw? Well it's very simple, but both programs earn on different interpretations of what portability. 
Apache has the advantage of being used on many systems holdings (although under Windows, this is really not a luxury). In terms of portability in the sense of using different languages, there is clearly IIS that has a train in advance!
If Apache is limited to PHP, CGI (if it is considered a language), Perl, Python and JSP, IIS ASP pays (but that we do not care), and all the languages ​​of . NET platform (C #, Axum, C + +, etc ...), plus other goods that are compatible with!


  1. you know you can use .net languages with apache as well?
    also u normally use apache/iis just as proxy for application servers like tomcat in the real world

  2. A buddy of mine compiled a C script and uses that on his apache server.