Monday, May 9, 2011

My jeans

Hi ! 2 days ago, I missed a figure on my bike, I fell ill and I tore my jeans. It's a shame because I loved those jeans ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

T-shirt Ben Laden

The creator of this t-shirt sell more than 100k tshirt on 1 day !
That is why a good idea can make you rich !

Have you ever had a very good idea ?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Darwin robot theory !

Darwin incredible! Robotics specialists based in Switzerland, have developed a simulation program that allows virtual organisms (which were the origin of real robots) to feed by collecting virtual disk to be cloned by following a process called natural. Indeed, it is robots that fit best with the right to multiply. Each "cloning", some variables change randomly, which directly impacts the robot to be emerging more or less hard to collect food. The lowest disappear. The robot is programmed to pick up a max of food to be cloned and so spread their genes.
Once well established this simulation, the researchers incorporated a new feature: The ability for robots to share their food as they wish.
According to the theory of Hamilton, a biologist of the 60s, the altruism of sharing such food with another family member would be guided by the need to propagate our genes. Whether for animals or for us if we help people who are genetically close to us, because we want to continue without knowing our genetic heritage that is in us but also within our family .
To prove this theory, our scientists Switzerland has run the simulation, and after several generations of "virtual robots", they noted that robots help each other by sharing each small disc, so that the group is a relatively equal level of food, and everyone can survive in the simulation and be cloned. If a robot gives his food to another, it disappears ... it disagrees, but he survives his "brother" dies ... etc.. Equitable sharing and mutual aid is a good solution for both personal survival of their genes and that of their families.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Air Wheel Grab

Yesterday, I do a new trick ! I do Air Wheel Grab ! That is to say I hit my tyre when I do a 180 on a quarterpipe. The prof in picture :

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why use Suse ?

- OpenSUSE is less susceptible to viruses, I explain: if no operating system is invulnerable to viruses, openSUSE (like any good Linux system) greatly minimizes the risks.
- OpenSUSE is "ready to use" plain with the DVD version all you need is already pre-integrated (office suite, graphics software, video ...)
- OpenSUSE is free; Not only version downloadable from is free but the software is free, too often this that does not spoil anything!
- The stability of the system is absolutely more to show; version 10.2 is a marvel of stability provided they do not play with the user Administrator !
- OpenSUSE is a multi-platform, yes! Unlike Windows, Linux can read files or proprietary format files typically used in Windows. And not only can he read and use, but generally it can even write in this format. A text file without any problem can be saved in Word format. Today Linux reads and writes to NTFS specific Windows!
- OpenSUSE is a fortress, where again various tests prove that Linux surpasses Windows in security and intrusion. His Firewall is powerful and set for routine use. More security holes are corrected much faster than Windows.
- OpenSUSE is free, there is more a mindset than a real advantage. The fact to receive free software or not but with a simple right be seen, copied, modified and redistributed makes this argument a force. Nothing prevents you from participating in the project and modify the code according to your needs and redistribute it without any license problem.
- OpenSUSE you do find love, well yes! By saving the purchase of avoiding expensive software or software to crack your girlfriend will happy and you can make him more gifts! And imagine the side Poetic Knight's Freedom in a Free World!

Advantages of MySQL
  1. Large community of developers (PHP).
  2. Excellent documentation. In several formats (HTML, HTML Help ...), online comments.
  3. Numerous articles and tutorials for info about MySQL, and PHP.
  4. Replication and backup databases. Managing a single master-slave replication in the case of a backup for example.
  5. Management of certain integrity constraints: Foreign Key for InnoDB tables, for example.
  6. Local database: Possibility of taking MySQL software and distribute it without a server.A bit like I think Borland BDE or SQLite (Distributed with PHP5).
  7. Transactions Management  (BEGIN, COMMIT / ROLLBACK).
  8. phpBB: The forum used by, like hundreds of other web sites using MySQL (I will like to know the size of the database!).
  9. MySQL is supported by the majority of free hosts, which is not the case of PostgreSQL.
  10. Great tools to administer your databases: PhpMyAdmin for the web by example.
  11. Simple to install and configure, deploy and maintain Windows.
  12. Good support for professionals from the only experience I have had concerning the boarding of a MySQL database software in particular. Team very responsive.
  13. The youngest is not necessarily an advantage, but more a welcome feature, LAST_INSERT_ID () to retrieve the ID, the value of the primary key AUTO_INCREMENT, the last entry inserted into a table by an INSERT. Should be used with PostgreSQL sequences.


  1. No longer used by SourceForge because MySQL did not support the load increases, they opted for PostgreSQL. MySQL is perhaps easy to install and deploy, but it does not perhaps the degree of scability PostgreSQL.
  2. Not support the standard SQL2 (92) to 100%. Actually I have never encountered problems in the writing of my queries, just take a few hours to read the first chapters of the manual and see that MySQL does not away from it all that much, except for the purists .
PostgreSQL Advantages:

  1. Legacy table: PostgreSQL is not a simple RDBMS. This is the main argument that I can progress as the only feature that I miss in MySQL.
  2. Scability: See the problem with MySQL SourceForge.
  3. All these advanced features, some developers can not live without: Sub queries, triggers and stored procedures mainly.

  1. Not available natively for Windows, it uses an emulation layer (Cygwin). Upcoming version 8 will be available natively for Windows.
  2. Can not manage a local, but I could be wrong. An expert opinion? Then we can say that it was not designed for, but opt ​​for MySQL and you get the best of two worlds, local and online.
  3. See some benefit from MySQL: Less supported by the community of PHP developers (Still need to know which category you belong), there are more hosts PHP / MySQL but the big names often suggest PostgreSQL (Can be more expensive to deploy than MySQL because most resource hungry ...).

My new frame

I buy my new frame which is the Stolen Cherry ! It weight is of 4lb 3.2oz in matte black (in full 4130 chromoly) ! It is a very lightweight and durable frame ! I love this frame !